Some Christmas Gift Ideas for the Tall Person

Note: check out a longer list of ideas at this Christmas gift ideas post.

Getting a Christmas gift for a tall person? Here are some ideas:

The best gifts are the ones you make. So, if you got the time, try out the DIY raised cutting board or tall telescoping rake. Food is another great one cause we're always hungry!
If you are looking to get something online and don't want the monumental task of attiring a tall person, here are a couple really quick ideas:

The first is a light hearted Christmas movie that isn't going to make you cry, unless your mood is coincidentally conducive to excessive laughter via Will Ferrell. Admittedly, many moods are not. However, Elf did get an 84% on Rotten tomatoes. Regardless, for the tall person, the opening few minutes alone make it worth it given the variety of predicaments Will Ferrell experiences in elf land to which we tall people can relate. You can get it via the affiliate link (last image).
Elf with
Will Ferrell
The second idea compensates for the first's lack of intelectual content.... It's The Tall Book by 6'3" Arrianne Cohen. She has really ventured out into the tall world, been to international tall clubs, met some of the worlds tallest people, and even dated a 7'2" guy. The genetic connection of tall stature is discussed as well as the many implications including income, health, and psychology.

I'm about half way through it currently and hope to finish it up over the holidays, and at some point write a review. You can get the hard cover, e-book, or audio book via the affiliate link below.
The Tall Book by
Arriane Cohen

So there you have it, a few quick ideas. What are your gift ideas for tall people?

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