Car Seat Tilting Brackets and other Adaptations for Tall People

The following is a guest post by Sean, a fellow Tall Adapter. Please see this site's disclaimer before doing any adaptations.

At 6'3" I have to Tall Adapt. I drive a 2001 Honda CR-V which I purchased new and still drive 13 years on. Here are some adaptations I've made to the car which parallel some of your blog posts.
First up is the mirror. The factory placement puts the mirror directly in my line of sight. I discovered that the bracket which attaches the mirror to the interior had a pivot point allowing it to
rotate [editor: for mirror mounts that don't have this option, see this post]. So this mirror is rotated 180 degrees and thanks to the angle of the bracket it now resides up and out of my direct line of sight. Additionally, I drive with a panoramic clip-on mirror to improve rearward vision. Everybody I've recommended the panoramic mirror to has loved it regardless of their height.

Tall people can't see rearview mirror have to reposition it
Original mirror position
Tall people can't see rearview mirror so move it
New mirror position
Swiveling rear view mirror
Pivot that allows this particular mirror to be rotated 180 degrees
Second is these seat brackets I made. These are a small improvement which made a huge difference for me. I had been buying chair cushions to sit on that raise my seat height to a comfortable level.  I realized the issue really was with the length of my calves. The bracket is flat steel with two holes drilled in it, installed to raise the front of the seat. The first set of brackets I made were too long at 1½" as they interfered with the ergonomics of the seat-back reclining angle. The one inch brackets corrected the length from the end of the bottom seat cushion to the pedals in a way that the chair cushions never could.  It's hard to see in the third image but the seat cushion is a little higher. I suppose as the front of the seat only is raised that there may be more room for my femur-to-butt length on the seat as well but that's just speculation.

Custom car seat bracket
Bracket to tilt seat pan backwards
Custom car seat bracket
Bracket closeup
Tilting seat pan with brackets to get extra leg room for tall people
Side view of tilted seat pan
Lastly, taller people have bigger hands and longer fingers, so I drive with a steering wheel cover to get a better grip on the wheel. I always feel like a steering wheel without one just doesn't feel
right... too skinny and unsafe.

Steering wheel cover for big hands of tall people
Steering wheel cover increases diameter for tall people's bigger hands

Clothes for Tall Skinny Men: The Cleaner Brighter Brand

Disclaimer: I'm neither a fashionista nor a model (obviously), I'm just a tall and slim guy looking for some long threads... 

The human body comes in all shapes and sizes. Economy of scale motivates clothing companies to cater to the more common shapes and sizes. Hence, the further one's size and/or shape deviates from the average, the less options they have to choose from. The consequence of this characteristic of the clothing industry is that people who vary from average by both size and by shape are severely neglected. One such population is tall skinny men.

And that is where Kevin and his new clothing brand, Cleaner Brighter, come in. Kevin's company has relentlessly measured and remeasured sizes while working directly with a pattern maker to design clothing specifically for tall and slim men. Read once more; these are not clothes graded up from an average person's size. Rather, they are specific to the tall and slim guy.

Crew Neck

When asked about the direction and intended clientele for the company, Kevin responded, "I have personally perceived the need for clothing made for tall thin and tall athletic guys, so that is where we’ve started. I’m not aiming to be some cutting edge fashion designer. I just want to make good clothes that make people look and feel their best - and especially those people who are under-served by the mall."

The Cleaner Brighter clothing lineup for tall thing guys

Kevin kindly gave me a pair of the brown chinos along with a blue crew neck sweater to test out and give my input on. I should first mention that I'm 6' 7" and 220lbs, and thereby my tallness is more extreme than my thinness. Second, I am long waisted (long torso) rather than long legged. To fit this frame of mine, I used the provided fitting system and requested large tall for the sweater and 36x36 for the pants.

Clothes designed to fit tall slim guys

You can see from the pictures that the fit is fairly consistent in all areas, which is unlike what you get with a lot of mass market tall clothing that is simply graded from an average size. I think this was a primary aim of Kevin's. In particular, when you look at the comparison with the LL Bean clothing in the picture below, the Cleaner Brighter clothing maintains more of a snug fit by the armpits and around the thighs, which can help in not accentuating a slim frame.

Comparison Between LL Bean Clothes for Then Guys and Cleaner Brighter

Because of my exceptionally long torso, I might have liked a slightly greater length for the sweater, though not by much. The sleeves on the other hand are ample long. In fact, I flipped the cuffs over once, which I'm sure was Kevin's intention. As far as the style, I'm going to have to admit that I like a slightly baggier fit overall. Perhaps it is the decade I grew up in (mostly the 90s) and the high school cool girl who told me my long skinny legs necessitated baggy jeans. Or maybe it is simply the fact that I've gotten used to the baggier clothes I've had to wear to get adequate length. Either way, I am looking forward to giving the snugger, more modern clothing a try.

Clothes for Tall and Thin Guys Side ViewClothes for Tall and Thin People Back View

As far as the quality, I can't see any flaws, the clothes seem durable and are comfortable, and I would wager they are on a similar level as LL Bean in that respect.

The Cleaner Brighter clothing line is limited right now, but they have plans to expand, firstly with polos and t-shirts, but then into the less charted waters of tall outerwear for tall slim men. I feel this last one is an excellent direction as overly baggy jackets let in too much of a draft, leaving you both looking dumb and feeling numb. But Kevin is most interested in designing whatever it is tall and thin guys are having trouble finding. So, if you have a moment, please chime in in the comments below.