Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Tall People

Tall people can be tricky to shop for. The usual go to Christmas gift of clothing rarely works out, leading to pesky returns. But clothing issues are just the tip iceberg as all manner of objects that tall people interact with are not designed for them. This Christmas, help a tall person out by getting them a gift to help combat this predicament. Below are 10 clever Christmas gift ideas that do just that.

1. Shower Head Extensions
Low shower heads are one of the greatest gripes of tall people. This simple extension is the gift that keeps giving as every morning they will be grateful for not having to duck (as much) to wash their hair. Shower heads can also be raised with shower head bars.

2. Extra Long Ties
There was a time when short ties were in fashion. That time is long past. Save your tall person a fashion faux pas and get them an extra long tie. You might check out this long tie post first.

3. Luggage Handle Extension
People do a lot of traveling at Christmas and one of the biggest pains is dragging luggage through the airport. Whats an even bigger pain is having to hunch over to grasp the luggage handle while the suitcase bounces off your heel each step you take. Save your tall person from this predicament with this handy handle extension. You might check out some other handle extensions too.

 4.Traffic Light Lens
Now this is a truly brilliant product. You apply this Fresnel lens to your windshield (no adhesive required), and  suddenly you can see traffic lights that are ordinarily blocked by the car's roof. No longer does the tall person have to hunch forward and crane their neck to see traffic lights. The full article is here: Fresnel Lens.

 5. Extra Wide Clothes Hangers
Because of taller peoples' wider shoulders, their clothes don't sit well on standard hangers, stretching the cloth and giving the appearance of an unhealthy growth. Luckily, their are 22" hangers available. If you have some time on your hands this Christmas, you might take a shot at making some customized copper hangers.

 6. Car Seat Rail Extensions
More than being simply uncomfortable, insufficient legroom in cars increases both the risk of and the severity of injuries that may result in accidents. Finally there is a company selling seat rail extensions for a variety of cars. This would make for an awesome Christmas gift for the tall person who just can't get enough legroom. Check out the full article for more info.

7. Extra Large Office Chair Casters (4")
Office chair seats are rarely high enough for tall people, which is a risk factor for low back pain. One solution is to raise the chair up by swapping out the 2" casters for some 4" casters. Keep in mind though that the desk should also go up, which can be done with desk raisers.

8. The Tall Book
This book is entirely dedicated to tall people and is written by the 6'3" female journalist, Arianne Cohen. The book is both entertaining and informative and a must read for the tall person who wishes to understand the implications of their tall stature. A fine Christmas gift indeed. See here for more books relevant to tall people.

9. Extra Long Big Johnson Sleeping Bag (100")
Perhaps your tall person is planning to do some ice fishing and camping this Christmas. Keep them out of the cold with an extra long sleeping bag. The same company also sells some extra long tents.

10. Extra Long Yoga Mat
Yoga is a fine way for tall people to counteract the spine compacting influence of our relatively short man world and improve posture and reduce back pain. Encourage them this Christmas with a mat long enough for their tall body.

Bonus: Free Tall People Problems Poster
And finally, get a chuckle out of them with this free poster of tall people having tall people problems.

Tall People Problems Poster

Good luck with your Christmas shopping, and don't forget to tell your tall person about!

Best Car for Tall People: The Ford Transit Connect

For eight solid years the Honda Element reigned as the champion car for tall people. Alas, like all good things, it came to an end as 2011 saw its arrival on Honda's height biased guillotine. By an extraordinary stroke of luck, however, this coincided with the beginnings of a new tall car champion, the Ford Transit Connect.

Best Car for Tall People: The Ford Transit Connect Wagon

With its European origins as a humble delivery vehicle, it's height was appreciated for cargo capacity while the tall windshield provided visibility to high up signs as it nimbly maneuvered through crowded city streets. Like tall people, it stood out in the crowd, aiding it in its rise in the ranks to the consumer level.

Cargo Version of Ford Transit Connect Wagon With Great Visibiltiy

The most notable measurement is the 51.5" roofline height (floor to the top of the windshield). This is about five precious inches taller than the Honda Element and about a foot taller than your average car. In other words, it is somewhere between the Yao Ming and Shaquille O'neal of cars.

Besides making space for tall people's long torsos, this vertical space is also useful for legroom, as it allows the taller person to raise their seat higher before head room or visibility becomes a problem. Of course, the legroom problem can also be solved by extending the seat rails.

Tall Driver Testing Ford Transit Connect

Before writing this post, I decided I had to test the fit for myself. The consumer versions of the Transit Connect are rare in Canada, so it took a bit of driving, but I eventually found a dealership, endured the sales person, and slid my 6' 7" tall frame easily into the comfortable cabin (the ingress and egress was superb). See for yourself in the pic below, but I can confidently say that this is the best visibility and headroom of any consumer vehicle without getting into a Winnebago.

Tall Guy Testing Ford Transit Connect

Besides being tall people friendly, the Ford Transit Connect is versatile. Like the Honda Element, the seats fold down to make for some excellent space, whether it be for stuff, like your bike(s), for the dog(s), or for car camping. And despite its larger size, it gets a sound 40mpg on the highway. Finally, the wagon version offers seven seats, all with fantastic headroom.

Fitting a bike in a Ford Transit ConnectFolding the seats down in a Ford Transit Connect

seven seater Ford Transit Connect

Now in 2014, Ford is offering a variety of models which can be categorized as either the van or wagon version. In addition, there are a variety of new concept versions being shown off at auto shows. With popularity, however, comes pressure for conformance. It will be a true test of the Transit Connect's identity to see if it can remain tall, resisting the pressures to hunch (drop its roofline) as the mainstream consumer market pushes for sleek aesthetics.

For myself, my 2003 Honda Element has a lot of life left in it, but I have a feeling I know what my next car will be.